Examples of prevention
  • Bevil
    MagiPro - Cleaning products refill

    The 20ml concentrated refill, screwed on to a reusable bottle and diluted, becomes a 500ml cleaning product.

  • Unipro
    Cube It Simple - UZIN adhesives

    Inspired by 'bag-in-box' wine packaging, Cube it Simple substantially reduces the use of materials. The cardboard is FSC certified and the plastic liner is made of recycled materials. In addition, pressing this liner makes it easier to use all the adhesive it contains and avoids product waste.

  • Dieter PLESSERS - Student
    Integrated milk pH indicator

    Acidification is one of the main reasons why people throw milk away. To assess the acidity, a pH indicator is placed inside the lid and protected by a thin plastic film. The user removes the film and pours a little milk into the lid. Depending on the colour of the indicator, he can tell whether the milk can still be used or has already gone off.

  • Kimberly VAN DER HOEVEN - Student
    Win-Win chocolate spread

    Thanks to a totally round jar with a plastic support across the opening, any spread remaining on the knife can easily be put back in the jar. In addition, when nearly empty, the remainder can be turned into a delicious hot chocolate using milk and a straw. A win-win situation.

  • Aaron VERLOOY - Student
    Dosable spaghetti packaging

    By adding a funnel to the opening of the plastic spaghetti packaging, 100g portions can be measured out. This means you only cook the quantity you want to eat.

  • ANL Plastics

    The separate lid is replaced by an integrated, resealable lid so that the product is better preserved and waste is reduced. In addition, the packaging weight is reduced by 25%.

  • PPG Coatings
    Sigma colorant

    Thanks to the flexible packaging, the amount of colorant left over is 5 to 6% less than with the old metal packaging. Sigma also offers the possibility of returning the packaging to the POS. 

  • Delhaize
    Skinpack meat packaging

    The 'skinpack' wrapping increases the storage time for meat from between 4 and 6 days to a minimum of 9 days. This reduces food waste.

  • L'Oréal - Sicos
    Thermoformed PETG XP tray (low density)

    New recyclable material relieves the weight of the packaging thanks to the lower density of the material, down from 1g of packaging to 0.58g per article (42% saving on waste). The mechanical properties remain unchanged.

  • Colruyt Bioplanet
    Kitchen herbs tray

    In collaboration with supplier Herbio & BioPlanet, these trays are collected to be reused for the same purpose.