Examples of prevention
  • Moonfox
    100% cardboard Urusus display

    First display made entirely of recycled cardboard. No adhesive or staples so as to facilitate recycling. Possibility of reusing the base pallet and producing a new display.

  • ACE Packaging & Carrefour
    COMPY bread bag

    All the materials used result from renewable sources. Consumers can either compost them at home or recycle them with the paper/cardboard. 

  • Jam&Ry
    Eco-Cal (protective padding)

    This protective padding to be placed inside boxes offers an effective and environmentally friendly replacement for the foam chips usually used. Sufficiently robust to be reused before recycling.

  • Ya-too.com / AKILON
    Used cardboard protective padding

    Manufacture of protective padding using its own waste cardboard.  Made using a quilting machine.

  • CHEP
    1/4 Display pallet

    The pallets are made entirely of recycled materials and are 10% lighter. They are now collected to be reused as much as possible.

  • Coca-Cola
    Plant Bottle 50cl

    Increase in rPET content and introduction of plantPET while reducing the weight by 30% since 2010. Bottles are still recyclable and collected in the blue PMC bag.

  • VPK Packaging & Colruyt

    Reusable and foldable boxes using their own waste cardboard, replace the conventional reusable bags.

  • Dumoulin Bricks
    Terra cotta block/brick

    The terra cotta bricks are packed on returnable pallets rather than disposable pallets, protected by stretch covers rather than shrink covers, with optional use of an intermediary pallet (two half pallets) to adjust the supply to the demand and avoid wastage and the risk of breakage. 

  • Laboratoires Expansciences
    Mustela - Massage oil

    A new, lighter packaging concept enables packaging in the plant, whereas previously the products were taken to a subcontractor for crimping.

  • Spadel
    Spa Water staggered row pack 24x50cl/33cl

    By placing the bottles in staggered rows, Spadel has removed the need for the cardboard tray (73g) and increased the number of packs per pallet.