Examples of prevention
  • Carrefour Belgium
    GB and Carrefour

    Carrefour has introduced a new bag to package potatoes. Called the Vertisac, this new bag is made of plastic material and manufactured in LDPE by means of a co-extrusion process. This manufacturing process enables a thinner yet more resistant LDPE film to be produced. The new potato bag weighs 20,5 grams, or 3 grams less than the previous bag. The introduction of this new bag follows previous adaptations that had already reduced the weight of the packaging bag for potatoes.

  • Carrefour Belgium
    Jam - 350 g

    Carrefour Belgium has reduced the weight of its jam pots. The old pots used to weigh 265 grams, whereas the new ones weigh only 250 grams. On an annual basis, this represents a saving of 15 tons of glass.

  • Bosch
    Drill for electric tools

    Bosch has reduced the quantity of plastic film required for its drill packaging by 36%. The company’s new PET tight pack for 12 mm drills contains only 2,3 grams of PET film. The old packaging contained 3,6 grams of PE film.

  • Astra Sweets

    Astra Sweets were looking for a way to reduce the weight of their candy jars - with success. Each jar now weighs 1,8 grams less than before (22,1 grams instead of 23,9 grams).

  • ANL-Plastics
    Delicatessen packaging

    ANL-Plastics implemented a project to better nest dishes, designed to contain meat, sauces or salads, into each other. As a result, they take up less space, and the outer cardboard packaging can contain twice as many dishes (2,000 instead of 1,000), even though the packaging is smaller than before. This represents a considerable saving in terms of transport (64,000 dishes per pallet instead of 32,000).

  • All Freez
    Alaska hake filet - 4 x 100 g

    All Freez has adapted its frozen fish packaging in a number of ways. Four portions of frozen fish used to be individually wrapped in plastic film (PP) and then boxed. This is no longer the case.