Examples of prevention
  • Nomarcorc
    Nomacorc Select Bio

    The Select Bio stopper is made of plant-based renewable biopolymers. 

  • Bag to Green
    C'est d'ici et ça m'emballe!

    Robust, reusable bag, resistant to humidity, mould and bacteria. It can be machine-washed and dried very often, over a period of several years. The bags are made locally using linen fibre, a resistant and renewable material.  

  • Henkel Belgium
    Recycled PET in all PET bottles

    Having used virgin PET for years, Henkel has introduced recycled PET in its bottles of hand detergent, fabric softener, etc. In 2014, this accounted for 25% and since August 2015 the figure is 100%.

  • Henkel Belgium
    Multipacks for toilet cleaning products (Bref Power Activ and Bref Duo Activ)

    Optimisation by modifying the shape of the PET preformed shells so as to introduce two or even three 'blocks' by modifying the weight of the blister slightly if at all. This makes it possible to sell two or three product units. The weight is considerably less than with sales of mono-block products. 

  • Henkel Belgium
    Persil & Dixan with correct dose

    The dosing system measures out the correct volume of super-concentrated detergent. It was introduced on the market for Persil and Dixan detergents. The dose measured out is 33 ml.

  • Jindal Films
    DL247 - doing more with less

    This new 33DL247 film offers the advantages of ultra-thin thickness without any loss of mechanical properties, yet with reduced density.

  • Jindal Films
    Metal barrier films (ES technology)

    With their ES technology, Jindal supplies metal films which form a major barrier to oxygen, aromas and humidity while offering sealant properties needed for packaging. With this film, they can replace three layers of the previous structure to achieve the following composition:

    1. Printed paper or plastic layer for decoration.

    2. Adhesive layer.

    3. 28UBW-ES or 28MH388-ES metal film. 

  • Worldline e-payment services
    Lo-G packaging for Yomova payment terminals

    The Lo-G packaging system is fully personalised in line with the dimensions of the products packaged (Yomova payment terminal). This design reduces the weight and volume of the packaging and eliminates all other packaging elements. Just two elements are retained: the Lo-G wrap in bio-based HDPE and the cardboard box.

  • Plastipak Belgium
    PET pasturised recipient

    Recipients that can be filled and pasteurised at high temperature (95°) and thus replace glass recipients. This will make it possible to reduce the weight and save on CO2  emissions, as well as to reduce breakage waste. Opportunities to package pasta sauces, jam, etc. 

  • Total Refining & Chemicals
    Total Lumicene Supertough polymer bag

    The development of a multilayer film that contains Total Lumincene Supertough has made it possible to reduce the standard thickness of the bags from 120 µm to 100 µm. A 15% reduction in weight.