Examples of prevention
  • Solidus Solutions Bvba
    Tomato box enriched with tomato plant fibres

    The 3kg tomato tray is used on the shelves as primary packaging and also serves as transport packaging. This box contains wood fibres (from paper-wood recycling) and tomato plant fibres. The box can still be recycled with paper and cardboard.

  • Jam&Ry
    Ajustable - Protective packaging

    The design of the ajustable protective packaging considerably reduces the number of products for the user. As its name indicates, the packaging can be adjusted to the product to be packaged. Several models are currently available, in different types of cardboard. The principle is simple: the adjustment is made using two cardboard pieces connected using a zip system. This product was developed for the AGC group but is now attracting a great deal of interest in industry in general.

  • L'Oréal
    Kérastase Fusio Dose

    The PP 15 drop single-dose box has been replaced by a PET 120ml multi-dose version. The single-dose box with 15 small glass bottles has been replaced by a single-dose box of 10 small PET bottles with 25% recycled content. The size of the box has been optimised and certain elements have been left out (aqua vector and padding).

    Bi-oriented ISBM bottle in PE HD

    The PE HD bottles are made by ISBM (injection stretch blow moulding) using bi-orientation technology, improving the mechanical properties and reducing the packaging weight. The 1l bottles now weigh 24g, which is 45% lighter than the PE bottles made by EBM (extrusion blow moulding). In addition, the ISBM technology opens up the possibility of limiting transport to preforms only and blowing the bottles directly at the client's. 

  • Diageo Belgium
    J&B whisky bottle

    The weight of the bottle has been reduced by 11%. This removes 13,309 kg of glass from the Belgian market.

  • Professionails nv
    Nail stylists gel jar

    The jar is no longer packaged in a cardboard box. The jar itself is lighter in weight. Moreover, it is now made of black polypropylene rather than PMMA. In addition, a scraper has been included inside to enable greater precision and less waste. 

  • Tetra Pak Belgium NV
    Tetra Rex - 100% bio-based

    The polyethylene used for the packaging layers and the lid has been replaced by a bio-based polyethylene.

  • SUEZ [SITA Belgium]

    Paper cups with PLA (Polylactide) coating that can now be recycled with paper/cardboard after use. 

  • Renbow Belgium bvba
    Tree-In-The-Bottle shampoo

    Shampoo bottle made of renewable materials (vegetable starch) containing a coffee bean that could then be planted. The lids are made of bamboo.

  • Werner Mertz Benelux Consumer NV
    Frosch window cleaner made of 99% recycled materials

    Very high level of use of packaging made of recycled materials (up to 99%). Cradle-to-Cradle certificate for Frosch window cleaners.