Examples of prevention
All Freez
Prevention action: 
Better suitability for group packaging or logistics
Removing a packaging element
Weight reduction
Product category: 
Food products
Alaska hake filet - 4 x 100 g

All Freez has adapted its frozen fish packaging in a number of ways. Four portions of frozen fish used to be individually wrapped in plastic film (PP) and then boxed. This is no longer the case. 

The company has stopped using plastic film entirely. And the old sales packaging – a cardboard box weighing 23 grams – has been replaced by a lighter box (20 grams) featuring a PE coating.

All Freez has also improved the outer packaging and transport. The cardboard outer packaging has become lighter (going from 230 to 195 grams), even though each box now contains more product (8 kg instead of 4.8 kg). Given that the number of boxes per pallet has remained virtually unchanged, this means the amount of product per pallet has greatly increased (768 kg per pallet compared to 470 kg). This represents a considerable saving in terms of transport (39% less transport).

In addition, the company has invested in an automated packaging line that removes the need for intermediate storage in the freezing warehouse. The PE bags that were previously required for this storage have therefore been eliminated from the production process. This represents an additional saving of 0,83 kg of PE per 100 kg of product. As for the sales packaging, it is also supplied in reusable cardboard boxes.