Examples of prevention
Prevention action: 
Removing a packaging element
Weight reduction
Product category: 
Detergents and cleaning products
Bref Vitro-Ceramik

‘Sidol Brilliant’ was a cleaning product for pyro-ceramic hot plates. It was sold in packs of two 250 ml bottles. When Henkel launched the ‘Bref Ultra Clean’ product line for kitchens and sanitary fittings in 2001, it integrated ‘Sidol Brilliant’ into its product range. Consequently, the name of the product was changed as well as the design of the packaging to bring it in line with the rest of the product range

‘Bref Vitro-Ceramik’ is now marketed in bottles of 500 ml. Despite being larger, the new bottle is thinner and weighs much less than its smaller predecessor. Today, 54% less polyethylene (PE) is required for the same volume (500 ml): one bottle of 38 grams instead of two bottles of 41 grams. The single bottle also meant the plastic winding film for the duo pack could be eliminated.