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Koffie Kàn
Prevention action: 
Weight reduction
Product category: 
Food products
Coffee - 250 grams

Koffie Kàn has replaced its 500 gram coffee packs with 250 gram packs to better meet market demand. One might expect the smaller pack volume to result in a higher packaging ratio; in other words, more packaging per product unit. Yet the reverse is true. Koffie Kàn has succeeded in lowering the packaging ratio by using a new laminate that combines plastics and a thin layer of steamed aluminium (0,03 micrometres). The previous packaging was made of craft paper with a 9 micrometre thick aluminium foil.

The new packaging weighs only 7,1 grams per pack, whereas the previous packaging weighed 22 grams. Consequently, the packaging ratio is 35% lower. In addition, production losses were kept to a minimum following the investment in a new packaging machine.