Examples of prevention
Douwe Egberts
Prevention action: 
Weight reduction
Product category: 
Food products
Coffee - 250 grams and 500 grams

In 2001, Douwe Egberts reduced the thickness of the packaging film of its coffee packs from 90 to 60 microns.

This protection film previously combined a 15 micrometre thick metalized plastic sheet (OPA, oriented polyamide) and a 75 micrometre thick plastic sheet (PE, polyethylene). Today, the film combines a metalized 15 micrometre thick OPA and a 45 micrometre thick PE. This new film weighs 60,7 g/m2, which represents a 31,5% saving on the previous 88,6 g/m2.

The material saving amounts to about 1,6 grams per pack of coffee of 250 grams, which is equal to a 17% saving.