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Weight reduction
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Food products
Graindor Coffee

Colruyt has adapted its Graindor coffee packaging in several stages over the last few years. In 1999, it reduced the thickness of the Graindor tins by 21% from 0,28 mm to 0,22 mm, enabling 50 tons of metal to be saved a year. The weight of the plastic cover was reduced by 31%, from 9,3 grams to 6,4 grams.

The next stage was to adapt the tin’s opening system, which resulted in a reduction in material by 10 tons a year. In addition, the height of the cardboard trays that hold the tins was lowered from 7,5 cm to 5 cm (which represents a 33% reduction).

These various measures have enabled Colruyt to save 60 tons of metal, 1 ton of cardboard and 10,8 tons of plastic materials a year.