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Better suitability for group packaging or logistics
Weight reduction
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Mineral water - 6 x 1,5 litres

Chaudfontaine has changed the packaging of its mineral water. At the same time, it has reduced the weight of its 1,5 litre PET bottles. The bottles previously weighed 41 grams, but now weigh only 31 grams, which represents a yearly saving of 400 tons of plastic. 

Chaudfontaine was able to achieve this weight reduction by modifying the shape of the bottles and by investing in a new blowing machine to manufacture the bottles. This new design also enables 112 six-packs to be stacked on a single pallet, instead of the previous 104. This has resulted in a saving of 8% in the number of transports.

In addition, Chaudfontaine now uses a thinner plastic film to wrap its six-pack. It reduced the thickness of the film from 75 to 65 µm, which is equivalent to a yearly saving of 4 tons of plastic.

The new bottle not only represents an improvement in terms of packaging prevention. It also enables a more streamlined journey through the production chain. The old bottle sometimes caused technical problems; the new bottle has solved these.