Examples of prevention
Unilever - Lever Fabergé Belgium
Prevention action: 
Better suitability for group packaging or logistics
Weight reduction
Product category: 
Detergents and cleaning products
OMO - 24 washing tablets

Unilever has modified the packaging of its OMO washing tablets. The tablets are still packed in boxes of 24, but the new packaging is smaller. The cardboard box weighs 59 grams instead of 69, which is a 15% reduction.

Given this smaller volume, it is possible to stack more boxes onto a pallet (600 instead of 560). Another saving concerns the net that hold the tablets in the washing machine drum. The net improves washing quality and, until recently, was contained in each box of tablets. Yet the nets are very strong and do not have to be replaced every time a new box is purchased. That is why Unilever decided not to include them anymore after the launch period of the new pack. However, consumers can still obtain them upon request.