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Pallet Return System

The Pallet Return System (PRS) implemented by Borealis enables the largest possible number of pallets to be circulated in a closed circuit. It’s an excellent solution for the company. Not investing in new pallets every time means its costs are limited essentially to transportation costs. What’s more, Borealis can now rely on constant pallet quality. 

The Association of Plastic Manufacturers in Europe (APME) has developed a system that offers plastic material processing companies and polymer producers the possibility of optimizing transport efficiency and at the same time contributing to the active management of raw materials and the reduction of packaging waste at a European level. PRS is a European exchange system for standard CP pallets between polymer producers and plastic material processing companies. The pallets are the property of PRS and are easy to identify thanks to the PRS logo. The pallets are managed according to geographical area by a PRS manager.