Examples of prevention
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Better suitability for group packaging or logistics
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Industrial products
Polypropylene and polyethylene aggregate

Since the early nineties, Borealis has been stacking 55 material bags of 25 kg instead of 50 bags onto one pallet. This has reduced packaging and transport. 

In a similar vein, the company has increased its semi-bulk packaging volumes (from 500 to 600 kg) as well as the content of its big bags (from 1.000 to 1.100 kg).

Numerical example

In 2002, the company manufactured about 16.000 tons of materials in Belgium, which it transported in bags on trucks.


10 x 5 bags of 25 kg per pallet = 12,800 pallets


11 x 5 bags of 25 kg per pallet = 11,636 pallets

Difference: 1,164 pallets

Assuming a truck carries 18 pallets, it can make 65 fewer trips a year, taking into account the materials produced and marketed in Belgium only.

This environmentally-friendly strategy generates not only less packaging, but also fewer road transports.