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Prince Fourré-Cookies

'Prince Fourré' biscuits are sold in packs of three weighing 330 grams and wrapped together in oriented polypropylene (OPP). LU, the manufacturer, managed to reduce the thickness of this film from 40 to 30 micrometres, although the weight reduction was partly compensated by the additional quantity of ink required to print the new film.

As a result, the film is globally 17% lighter than its predecessor. On the Belgian market, this represents a reduction in plastic of close to half a ton a year.

LU has also improved the group packaging for its 'Prince Fourré'. It has set its production machines to obtain a lighter (and therefore more fragile) corrugated board. The new packs weigh only 388 grams compared to the previous 436 grams, which represents a saving of 11%. In addition, LU also uses the new corrugated board to pack other biscuits: the company thus saves almost twelve tons of cardboard a year in Belgium.