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Carrefour Belgium
Prevention action: 
Better suitability for group packaging or logistics
Weight reduction
Product category: 
Detergents and cleaning products
Regenerating salt - 4 kg

GB and Carrefour’s regenerating salt for dishwashers used to be sold in packs of 4 kg. GB and Carrefour’s new packaging concept still contains 4 kg, but it is now composed of four individual cardboard dosage units, each holding one kilogram of salt. The designers’ aim of this modification was to make life easier for consumers. The regenerating salt is now presented in packs containing smaller volumes, but the global packaging ratio has improved.

While the previous package weighed 233,5 grams, the new concept weighs only 171,6 grams. That’s a 26,5% reduction for the same amount of product (4 kg).

Attention was also paid to transport efficiency. The boxes are now grouped in three and covered in a single PE film, and not grouped in two like before. This change alone results in a 31% reduction in polyethylene and a total saving in packaging material of more than 22 tons a year. The new pack is also more stable, which means an extra row can be added to each pallet: 234 packs instead of 200. This improved stacking on the pallets has resulted in a 12% efficiency increase in terms of logistics and transport.