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SPA Reine-Mineral water - 1,5 litres

Since its creation in 1971, the single use SPA Reine 1,5 litre plastic bottle has changed shape six times. Each time, its weight has been reduced significantly. The current bottle is 34% lighter than the first model, which weighed 56,6 grams. 

Spadel has managed to reduce the weight of the latest bottle by another 9%. The weight reduction comes from the PET bottle itself (34 grams instead of 37,5 grams) and the label (1 gram instead of 1,3 gram). Despite the bottle’s greater diameter (28 to 30 mm), the HDPE (high density polyethylene) closure has maintained its initial weight. In addition, the bottle integrates at least 25% of recycled PET. This does not change the weight, but it is more environmentally friendly. Fortunately, the typical blue colour of the bottles simplifies the use of a relatively high percentage of recycled PET.