Examples of prevention
  • Owen-Illinois
    Wine bottle

    Owens-Illinois developed a completely new cork cap for this glass bottle. The cap is named Helix and can easily be removed and replaced by hand by simply turning it. That makes it easier to re-close the bottle after partial consumption, avoiding waste.

  • Ovotherm
    Egg carton

    Ovotherm developed a new egg carton made entirely of recycled PET. The new design is stronger and provides better protection for the eggs, thereby reducing waste.

  • Moonen Packaging
    Tableware for festivals

    This tableware for festivals is made out of residue material from sugar cane, which means it is based on 100% plant material that is renewable and abundant.

  • Monalisa
    Expandable bottle for beverages

    This bottle in plant-based PET was designed to stretch like an accordion. The bottle is sold in its compacted version containing soda in powder form and is then stretched and filled with liquid at the consumer’s home.

  • L'Oréal
    Re-sealable pouch

    L'Oréal has developed a re-sealable pouch with 500 grams of de-coloring product for hairdressers. It replaces the former plastic packaging of two 250-gram bags of product in a plastic jar. The result is a much lighter and more compact packaging, enabling the stacking of 45% more product on a single pallet. For the same amount of product, the packaging—including the group packaging—now weighs 63 instead of 175 grams. Hairdressers can obtain a reusable spoon from L'Oréal.

  • L'Oréal
    Tube for cosmetics

    This new generation of tubes has been modified in order to reduce the material used for the cap. The tube itself has also become thinner. The weight of the total packaging has decreased by 40%. The tube is also now more flexible, making it easier to completely empty the packaging.

  • L'Oréal
    Perfume bottle

    For its Eaux Florales SANOFLORE, L'Oreal chose a bottle of 100% recycled PET. The SANOFLORE brand also received the ECOCERT certificate for bio-cosmetics.

  • L'Oréal
    Bottle for coloring products

    The tube was replaced with a bottle in HDPE, decreasing the weight of the packaging by 43%. The packaging is now also recyclable. Moreover, the bottles are extruded and blown on the same site (wall to wall), thus reducing transport and transport packaging. Reusable containers are used for the transport between the extrusion and packaging department.

  • Les Cadavres Exquis
    Shopping bag

    The designers created a pattern to make a reusable shopping bag at home or in a sewing workshop. The fabric used here comes from a broken umbrella, a material that is otherwise rarely recycled or recuperated.

  • Laboratoires Expanscience
    Mustela bottles

    This packaging was modified and the plastic used became a lot thinner. This decreased the weight of the packaging by 13%. The pump system that monitors the dosage of the product and avoids waste has been retained.