Examples of prevention
  • Jenny and The Ponies
    Shopping bag

    This shopping bag was designed for shopping at the local market. It is modular and can be transformed from a compact handbag into a large bag with several compartments to store different products.


  • Jam&Ry
    Angle brackets

    These angle brackets are made from recycled cardboard and feature an elastic band. No glue or tape is needed. The elastic band adapts their shape to the size of the product that needs protection. The brackets are reusable and/or recyclable.

  • Interbergco - Ecoplas Benelux
    Reusable bag

    The Interbergco bags consist of 60% tapioca, a renewable resource. The bags are reusable and compostable. They also received the Fair for Life Social & Fairtrade certificate.

  • Innocan / PVG Liquids
    Jerry can

    Innocan/PVG halved the weight of its fuel jerry cans by using PET instead of HDPE. The new shape of the jerry cans makes them easier to stack, they can be completely emptied more easily and safely, and the filling level is optimized. The PET packaging is supplied in preforms and blown just before the filling. This enables a drastic reduction in the transport volume of empty containers delivered to the filler compared to the HDPE cans that were delivered fully formed.

  • Frieslandcampina Belgium
    Milk carton

    The weight of this new packaging fell by 9% and the amount of certified cardboard (renewable material) was increased. Thanks to the new form, transport has been reduced. CO2 emissions from production decreased by 24%. The amount of water consumed decreased by 20%.

  • Ethiquable
    Rice box

    By avoiding empty space and adjusting the packaging more appropriately to its contents, the volume of the box has been reduced by 26%. The plastic film has also been removed, enabling the weight of the packaging to drop by 44%. The spout enables more efficient dispensing of the product. The preparation method illustration has been modified and now encourages consumers to save energy by placing a lid on the cooking pot.

  • Estee Lauder Companies - Aveda
    Bottle for body lotion

    The body lotion is packaged in a bottle made from 100% recycled HDPE. The packaging is recyclable via the blue PMD bags. AVEDA has obtained ECOCERT and Cradle to Cradle certificates for its products.

  • Efarmz
    Delivery systems for products of local farmers

    Efarmz organizes online sales and distribution of products from local farmers. The entire packaging system was designed for minimal environmental impact. The system employs reusable boxes from recycled cardboard and reusable isothermal boxes and bags for consumers as well as reusable plastic transport boxes for suppliers. All products are delivered by bicycle, are locally produced and seasonal.

  • Ecolab
    Professional dishwashing product

    ECOLAB reformulated its professional dishwashing product from a liquid to a solid form with customized dosing equipment. The product is more concentrated and the packaging much smaller for the same number of doses. A simple film packaging replaces the 5-liter plastic bushing, resulting in 95% less packaging and 70% less storage and transport volume.

  • Delhaize
    Meats in thermoform packaging

    The film for the new meats packaging is 20% thinner, an innovation on the Belgian market. The group packaging has also been optimized. The outer packaging has been replaced by a simple strapping.