Examples of prevention
  • Delhaize
    Hair accessories: cardboard replaces PVC

    This past summer saw 113 hair products receive new packaging. By using cardboard instead of PVC, the packaging now consists of entirely renewable and recyclable materials.

  • Delhaize
    Egg carton

    This new egg carton and its label are made entirely from recycled and FSC-certified material. A Belgian first for a mainstream range.

  • Delhaize
    Range of extra fresh meats

    The volume of this packaging was reduced by shortening the parcel. The weight of the packaging decreased by 20%. In addition, these measures also enabled optimization of transport and transport packaging.

  • Delhaize
    Bag of mini peppers

    These bags replace the plastic pots that were formerly used, reducing the weight of the packaging by 90%. Transport is reduced as well, thanks to the reduction in weight. Delhaize has now also included Sustainable Packaging Guidelines in all its quotation requests to suppliers.

  • Colruyt
    Fixed display racks

    Colruyt developed a system of fixed display racks to replace the traditional cardboard displays. It allows products to be supplied in their regular packaging and enables suppliers to place their promotional message. Avoiding cardboard displays reduces damage during transportation and improves transport efficiency. Thanks to this project, Colruyt annually saves 77 tons of cardboard, 26 tons of plastic, and 11,000 kilometers of travel.

  • Colruyt
    Bag-in-box for wine

    Colruyt sells part of its wine offering in bag-in-box packaging. The tap was redesigned and shortened, reducing its weight by 24%.

  • Cile SCRL
    10-liter water bottles with cardboard support

    The entire packaging system was re-assessed: the bottle is now 5% lighter than the lightest competitive bottle on the market. The support is made of reusable cardboard, to be expanded by the consumer at home. Filling the bottles takes place in a protective atmosphere that ensures better preservation of the product.

  • Carrefour Belgium
    Film for potato sacks

    The volume of the potato sacks has been reduced by almost 8% and the film used made thinner without sacrificing strength. The total weight of the packaging dropped 38% for the 5 kg bags. Preservation of the fresh potatoes has also improved, thanks to the perforated film and the orange color that protects the product.

  • Carrefour Belgium
    Metal cookie box

    This package was specifically designed to encourage reuse. A famous Belgian designer was responsible for the attractive design of the box. Consumers can easily remove the label and a caption on the box encourages them to do so, thus promoting reuse.

  • Carrefour Belgium
    Film and pot for fresh herbs

    The film around the pot is now thinner. Both the film and the pot are of biological origin and can be composted at home. Carrefour wants to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 and therefore engaged an external agency for the analysis of its packaging, with systematic attention to the product/packaging combination.