Examples of prevention
  • Danone
    Prince Fourré-Cookies

    'Prince Fourré' biscuits are sold in packs of three weighing 330 grams and wrapped together in oriented polypropylene (OPP). LU, the manufacturer, managed to reduce the thickness of this film from 40 to 30 micrometres, although the weight reduction was partly compensated by the additional quantity of ink required to print the new film.

  • Colgate Palmolive Belgium
    Soupline Softener

    Colgate Palmolive Belgium has modified the packaging of its ‘Soupline’ (1 litre) softener by making changes to its various components. The bottle itself is 9 grams lighter (its weight was reduced from 35 to 26 grams), the cap is 2,6 grams lighter (from 9 to 6,4 grams) and the label is 3,4 grams lighter (from 5 to 1,6 grams). 

  • Mc Bride

    McBride has modified the packaging of its ‘Actiff’ window cleaning product. The company has redesigned the one litre PET bottle so it is now 5 grams lighter (40 instead of 45 grams). This is an 11% weight reduction. In addition, the new bottles are easier to stack on pallets. Each pallet can now contain 60 additional bottles, which generates a 9% saving in transport. Besides introducing a new packaging, the company has optimized production efficiency during the shaping and filling of the bottles.

  • Henkel

    The cardboard packaging of ‘Dixan Tabs’ washing tablets has become much lighter. The 64 tablets are now contained in a 118 gram cardboard box instead of a 144 gram box. This represents a cardboard saving of 18%.

  • Douwe Egberts
    Senseo - coffee pads

    Douwe Egberts has reduced the height of its Senseo packs by about three centimetres. The new packs require only 190 mm of film compared to the previous 228 mm. This represents a saving of no less than 17%.

  • Procter & Gamble
    Ace Délicat - Detergent product

    Even though the old and new 1 litre bottles of Ace Délicat are both made out of 100% of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), their weight is different. The difference is due to their shape. Redesigning the bottle has enabled the company to reduce its weight by 16% (from 62 to 52 grams). The new model not only requires less material but also less space - 25% more bottles can be stacked on a pallet.

  • JAVA
    Coffee - 250 grams

    JAVA has simplified the packaging of its coffee packs of 250 grams. Today, the coffee is packed in a simple plastic foil bag weighing only 6 grams. 

  • Henkel
    Bref WC Gel

    Instead of offering consumers three half-litre bottles of ‘Bref WC Gel’ in one pack, Henkel decided to offer two 750 ml bottles in a pack. The company also created a new look for the bottle, which is lighter than the older bottle.

  • Henkel
    Bref Vitro-Ceramik

    ‘Sidol Brilliant’ was a cleaning product for pyro-ceramic hot plates. It was sold in packs of two 250 ml bottles. When Henkel launched the ‘Bref Ultra Clean’ product line for kitchens and sanitary fittings in 2001, it integrated ‘Sidol Brilliant’ into its product range. Consequently, the name of the product was changed as well as the design of the packaging to bring it in line with the rest of the product range

  • Unilever - Lever Fabergé Belgium
    CIF cream - Cleaning product

    Unilever decided to renew the packaging of its CIF cleaning product. The new design proved a real challenge for the packaging designers.