Examples of prevention
  • Unilever - Lever Fabergé Belgium
    SUN - Dishwasher powder

    Unilever has redesigned the packaging of its SUN dishwasher powder. The distinctive blue bottle with its white cap still contains 1,3 kg of powder but it now weighs only 79 grams compared to 93 grams before the modification – that’s a 15% reduction. The blue colour is also darker, so the bottle can be manufactured with 25% recycled materials.

  • Unilever - Lever Fabergé Belgium
    OMO - 24 washing tablets

    Unilever has modified the packaging of its OMO washing tablets. The tablets are still packed in boxes of 24, but the new packaging is smaller. The cardboard box weighs 59 grams instead of 69, which is a 15% reduction.

  • Spadel
    SPA Barisart-Mineral water - 1,5 litres

    Spadel has modified the secondary packaging of its 12-bottle packs of 1,5 litre sparkling water. Named ‘SPA Barisart’, this sparkling water is sold in plastic bottles. The company replaced the 85 grams cardboard tray with a simple cardboard sheet weighing 36 grams. This modification resulted not only in a weight reduction of 58% but also a transportation gain of 27% since a pallet now holds 672 bottles instead of 528.

  • Spadel
    Mineral water bottles of 20 and 50 cl

    Spadel has adapted the crates for its 20 and 50 cl glass bottles. This has enabled the storage and transport efficiency of the bottles to be increased. In addition, the arrangement in staggered rows means the crates now hold 28 bottles of 20 cl instead of 24, and 18 bottles of 50 cl instead of 12. This results in 48% and 64% of additional product per pallet respectively.

  • Spadel
    SPA Reine-Mineral water - 1,5 litres

    Since its creation in 1971, the single use SPA Reine 1,5 litre plastic bottle has changed shape six times. Each time, its weight has been reduced significantly. The current bottle is 34% lighter than the first model, which weighed 56,6 grams. 

  • Mc Bride
    Actiff Gel

    McBride has modified the packaging of its ‘Actiff gel’ detergent product. Even though the 1,5 litre bottle is still made of plastic (polypropylene), the packaging now weighs only 55 grams instead of the previous 75 grams. This represents a 27% weight reduction.

  • Lotus Bakeries
    Soft waffles - 6 x 2

    The Lotus Bakeries Group packs its ‘Lotus Soft’ waffles with eggs in six packs of two waffles. The company has managed to lower the weight of the individual packs by 17% by reducing the thickness of the packaging film from 30 to 25 micrometres. The film bears no impression and is made of a unique material (polypropylene). In addition, the use of an acrylic base is avoided where possible. This base, which was applied on both sides of the film, acted as an additional barrier against air and humidity.

  • Lidl
    Refreshment beverages and mineral water - 2 litres

    Lidl has replaced its 1,5 litre bottles for mineral water and refreshment beverages with 2 litre bottles. The new bottles are a little heavier, but the volume of packaging per product unit is smaller. An empty cola bottle, for instance, now weighs 51,1 grams (2 litre bottle) compared with 45,3 grams (1,5 litre bottle), representing a weight saving of 4,65 g/l or 15% per litre.

  • Friesland Drinks
    Coffee milk - 200 ml glass bottle

    Following modifications to the packaging of its Nutroma coffee milk, Friesland Drinks has achieved a significant reduction in weight. The company used to offer two small glass bottles (191 grams in total) of 100 ml held together by a small tube of cardboard (5 grams). These have been replaced by a larger glass bottle of 200 ml (147 grams). 

  • Friesland Drinks
    Milk drink - 750 ml glass bottle

    Friesland Drinks has achieved a significant weight reduction (8,6%) for its 750 ml Cécémel glass bottles. The reason for this modification was the introduction of a new design for all of its Cécémel and Nutroma glass bottles.