Examples of prevention
  • Friesland Drinks
    Milk drink - 500 ml glass bottle

    Following a new design of the Cécémel and Nutroma glass bottles, Friesland Drinks has achieved a weight reduction of 14,6%. The modified packaging was part of the product’s re-launch.

  • Friesland Drinks
    Milk drink - 200 ml glass bottle

    Friesland Drinks currently manages to stack 8 layers of bottles on a pallet. Previously, it could stack only 7 layers. Each layer holds 10 crates. Friesland Drinks also modified the shape of its glass bottles in 2004.

  • Flamingo
    Toys for pets

    Flamingo has introduced new packaging for its pet toys. The packaging is simply a cardboard label. The toys used to be packed in a plastic bag and stapled to a larger cardboard label. The new cardboard label is three times smaller than the previous one. The benefit of the new packaging is that consumers can actually touch the product.

  • Denicol
    Motor oil

    Denicol has modified the packaging of its 1 litre motor oil bottles. The old round-shaped bottle has been replaced by a rectangular bottle. The new bottle weighs 62 grams compared to the round bottle’s 78 grams. This represents a weight reduction of 20,5%. The current bottle is also smaller (22.5 cm instead of 25 cm), making it more compact to pack. This results in significant group packaging savings.

  • Delhaize
    Plastic bags

    Delhaize has reduced the weight of the Di plastic bags, as well as those of its Tom & Co shops. The weight of the Di bags has gone from 11,36 to 8,17 grams, which corresponds to a 28% weight reduction. In addition, this weight reduction has generated savings of 1 ton of packaging material a year. As for the Tom & Co bag, it was lowered from 8,35 to 6,66 grams, which represents a saving of 12 tons of packaging a year.

  • Delhaize
    Fruit juice lemonade - 1,5 litres

    Delhaize has replaced the paper labels of its PET lemonade bottles with OPP (oriented polypropylene) labels. These labels improve recyclability because they are easier to separate from PET bottles during recycling before being mixed with the caps (which are in PP). In addition, the new label weighs only 1,06 grams compared to the 2,95 grams of the paper label.

  • D'Argifral
    Delicatessen products

    D’Argifral currently uses perforated plastic cases to transport delicatessen products. These cases are lighter than the previous ones, which did not feature perforated panels (2 kg instead of 2,9 kg).

  • Cortina

    Today, Cortina uses a ‘master polybag’ to package its shoes. This means that all shoes are now placed in separate cardboard compartments which in turn are wrapped inside a single plastic (PE) bag. The shoes used to be packed in pairs in small plastic bags. This new master polybag reduces PE usage by 60%. The initiative was taken following customer demand for less packaging.

  • Colruyt
    Mineral water - 2 litres

    Colruyt has replaced its cardboard sheets used to separate stacks of bottled mineral water with lighter cardboard sheets. Whereas the old ones weighed 1,8 kg, the new ones weigh only 400 grams. Other companies in the water and refreshment beverage sector have implemented similar measures in the past few years.

  • Colruyt

    Colruyt has replaced its single-use cardboard boxes used to supply endives with reusable plastic crates. This enables the company to save 125 tons of cardboard a year. The lifetime of the crates is estimated to be 15 years.